100% whey protein

  • Ghuman whey

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    • VG Series is 100% natural whey protein and can be used in variety of ways to fulfil our protein needs.
    • It can be used in Oatmeals ,Yogurt or milk and even can be used in food recipes like pan cake or muffin or so on.
  • Power wey

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    • Anyone looking to build or maintain a lean muscular physique could include,vg series,Power whey as a part of their daily diet-and if you are looking for ¬†increasing the protein content of diet your diet,then a delicious shake like Power Whey is a better option than cooking a meal.
    • Power Whey protein plus the anabolic surge of highly bioavailable amino acids,gives rise to a physiological environment for serious growth to take place.
    • Recognising that champion physique require much more than a formula that merely a recommended daily allowance of quality protein,we infused POWER WHEY with L-ARGININE for muscular growth.