About Us


Most of the health and fitness supplements are fake and pose a great threat to the health of the consumer at the same time dupe the consumer of its hard earned money.
Keeping such a situation,Varindar Singh Ghuman,the first Indian Body Builder to secure IFBB Pro Card and is the world’s first professional Body Builder in India has launched his series of Health and Nutrition series of products ‘’VG Series’’, Your best partner in gym that assures authenticity, Purity, Performance and cost-effectiveness at the same time.

VG Series is a new series of health and nutrition products by Virandar Singh Ghuman that delights the customer with better tasting products and will emerge as one of the favourites amongst the consumer primarily because of the following reasons-

Varinder Singh Ghuman

  • Virandar Singh Ghuman is an Indian Professional BodyBuilder and Punjabi Wrestler.
  • Ghuman has won Mr India in 2009 and has been awarded 2nd Place in Mr Asia.
  • He has been roped in by Arnold Schwarzenegger for promoting his health products in Asia as his brand ambassador and has been featured in many films like Kabaddi, Punjabi Film as a lead actor and in 2014 film Roar, Tigers of Sunderbans.
  • Varinder is the first Indian bodybuilder to secure IFBB Pro Card.
  • He is the first professional Vegetarian Body Builder.

VG Series promises to be perfect fitness product for your perfect Body and is primarily because of its adherence to the following principles

Our story and Vision

Most of the supplements manufactured and sold in India lack authenticity in terms of quality, their registration and cost-effectiveness.With a solution to all these problems, Virandar Ghuman has launched its series of fitness and Nutrition Products-’’VG Series’’.


The best ingredients that have been sourced from the best international sources.
It is primarily because of the variety of flavours and active ingredients that make VG Series products idol for Bodybuilding and Championship.


All the VG series products go through multiple levels of quality checks.
The manufacturing of the final products takes place at FSSAI, HACCP certified state of the art plant, which means that your supplement undergoes rigorous testing and multiple quality checks before it reaches you. Team VG Series work hard to ensure international safety standards. All the products are tested in accordance with FSSAI standards to assure you complete safety and the highest degree of quality. Relax and Focus on your fitness because it takes a lot for a supplement to become ‘’Best Partner in Gym’’.


Vg Series not only takes purity seriously but guarantees it. It’s the only brand in the world that empowers a fitness enthusiast to verify the authenticity of their purchase even by SMS. Each Vg series product carries a unique, non-duplicable Bar code. The consumer can just punch in the code at the authentication section of www.vgseries.in or send it through SMS on the number provided to verify the authenticity of the supplement.


What makes it different from other supplements, is its effectiveness in terms of cost and superior quality matching international standards.
This makes the Vg series product stand apart in the market and are ideal for fitness freaks.


The usp of all the Vg Series products is the unique taste it offers .
The vg series has the first ever supplement only for vegetarians and exclusive coffee flavours supplements make it different and unique over other supplements.